Investing in you and your home

22nd August 2023

Parkhead Housing Association want our customers to remain in their homes as long as they possibly can, feeling comfortable and safe. With funding from the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council we can carry out physical works in our tenants’ homes enabling them to live independently and to enjoy new comforts that can make life a whole lot easier.

For example, level access showers are a safe and viable option for residents and they are really easy to use. A few of our tenants have kindly welcomed us into their homes to take a few photos of improvements they have had done.

Mary has received a level access shower installation. She said “I am absolutely delighted with my new shower. This has made life so much easier. The bathroom looks bigger and brighter now, and I’m now planning on painting it a new and vibrant colour. I’m looking at ideas for this just now”.

Margaret has also received a level access shower installation. She said “Having this done has made a remarkable difference. I no longer experience any pain or discomfort the way I did when using the old bathroom set up. This has made life much easier, and I am so pleased I have had the new shower installed”.

If you, or any member of your family are struggling with mobility problems, please contact the Association. We are more than happy to advise!

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