The Pantry

Parkhead Housing Association is delighted to be working alongside Fareshare and PDC to deliver a fantastic project for the East End of Glasgow. Our relationship with Fareshare gives us access to grocery brands you will find in the supermarkets for less. The Pantry food will consist of surplus stock, end of line products and incorrectly labelled food.

At a fixed cost of just £2.50 per visit you will receive approximately £15 worth of food. You will be able to choose the items you want from 5 food categories. There are no recurring payments and you can pay by cash or card.

To make the most of the ingredients you can purchase from the Pantry we will look to introduce the provision of recipes, cooking demonstrations and cooking classes all using the fantastic food supply from the Pantry.

As well as the Pantry at Parkhead Schoolhouse there are also a pop up location at 981 Shettleston Road.

For all the latest information follow our dedicated social media accounts for The Pantry.