Transfer Application

Section A - Tenant Details (Step 1 of 10)

Section A - Household Details (step 2 of 10)

Please give details of everyone living in your current accommodation, starting with yourself.

Section A - Preferences

Please tick the appropriate box(es) for the size(s) of house for which you wish to be considered.

*Please note that you will only be considered for those house types ticked.

Section A - Preferences (step 4 of 10)

Does your current accommodation lack any of the following?

Section A - Preferences Continued (step 5 of 10)

Please tick which streets you would consider

(Flats and Houses built by PHA)
(Rehabilitate Flats & Properties built by Scottish Homes)

Section A - Ethenic Origin (step 6 of 10)

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of their sex, race, colour or religious beliefs.

As an equal opportunity Association, we keep statistical records to ensure that we do not break the law by mistake.

If you decide not to answer this question it will notharm your application for housing.

Section C - MEDICAL AND SOCIAL CONDITIONS (step 7 of 10)

Section C - MEDICAL AND SOCIAL CONDITIONS (step 8 of 10)

Section C - MEDICAL AND SOCIAL CONDITIONS (step 9 of 10)

Declaration (step 10 of 10)

We realise that this application form is long and goes into some detail. All information given to us will be treated in confidence. If you have any difficulty in filling in this form then our Customer Services staff will help.

Finally, please read carefully the declaration below.

I/We understand that the information contained in this Application Form will be stored in a computer system by Parkhead Housing Association. I/We give my/our consent to the processing of this personal data (including any sensitive personal data) in this Transfer Application Form. I/We understand that, under the General Data Protection regulations, I/we have the right to examine this data and amend it if it is incorrect.

I hereby declare that the information which I have provided on this application for Housing is correct. I undertake to advise Parkhead Housing Association Limited of any changes in the circumstances of myself or my household which may affect my application. I understand that if I knowingly or recklessly make any false or misleading statement or withhold any relevant information which induces the Association to grant a tenancy to me then the Association may recover possession of that tenancy.

I authorise my current or any previous landlord to provide information to Parkhead Housing Association Ltd relating to the conduct of any tenancy held by me.

I understand that Parkhead Housing Association will register me with Homeswapper ( the online mutual exchange scheme that the Association is subscribed to.