Parkhead Development Company

Parkhead Development Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Parkhead Housing Association Limited and has been created to provide long term sustainable employment for local people. The company will provide environmental maintenance and general facilities management services for Parkhead Housing Association Ltd.

The aims of PDC are:

  • To employ local people on the Scottish Living Wage or above
  • To deliver a grounds maintenance, stair cleaning and office cleaning service initially solely for PHA, and provide cleaning and caretaking services at Parkhead School House.
  • To seek to deliver, over time, these services and other related activities to organizations and individuals within and out with the Parkhead area
  • To create a vehicle for the Association to develop and manage its proposed mid-market rent operation
  • To improve service delivery and value for money to both tenants and owners

The objectives of PDC are:

  • To initially employ up to 22 employees using PHA budgets currently used to fund private contractors
  • To undertake all of PHA’s current ground maintenance, stair and office cleaning also cleaning and caretaking services at Parkhead School House.
  • To develop these services in cost effective ways to allow for future financial returns to PHA. In turn we will use these funds to further develop the wider role activities of PHA for the benefit of the local community

Parkhead Development Company began operating on Monday 3rd October 2016 and will be governed by an Independent Board. The operation will be overseen by the Environmental Manager Chris Rough. If you are interested in finding out more about PDC, Chris can be contacted via email here.