Fair Work First - PDC

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Parkhead Development Company Limited (PDC) recognises that work is an important part of life which helps to contribute to our health and wellbeing and how we live.

Having a job with job with good conditions, supportive management and equal opportunities for training and development promotes self -esteem and a sense of purpose.

PDC supports Fair Work First through the adoption of high standards and fair working practices. We recognise the principles of good practice set out in the Scottish Government Fair Work First Guidance : https://www.gov.scot/publications/fair-work-first-guidance-2/pages/2/

PDC recognises that Fair work is work that offers all its staff:

  • equality of opportunity,
  • dignity and respect in the workplace,
  • an effective means of communication through open and transparent dialogue; and
  • safety and security at work.

PDC has no inappropriate use of zero hours contracts. We ensure that all of our staff earn at the very least the real Living Wage.

Our people are securely engaged on terms which meet all of the requirements of Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and state regular weekly working hours, pay and holiday entitlement.

Whilst we do not recognise a Trade Union, we provide appropriate channels for effective communication by encouraging Line Managers to have regular supportive contact with their team members in conversations about wellbeing, performance, development, and learning.

We invest in workforce development by ensuring equal access to continuing professional development.

We have a suite of policies in place to support our staff, including policies on Equal Opportunities, Anti- harassment and bullying, flexible and hybrid working and family friendly policies.

These policies enable our people to feel supported and protected in the workplace, to enable the balancing of work life with personal needs and ensure that we are supporting diversity and inclusion.

We oppose the use of fire and re-hire practices wherever possible. We abide by the Government’s current Code of Practice on dismissal and re-engagement, and will only ever use such practices as a last resort.

Our Fair Work First statement remains under review and open to further improvement in consultation with our staff.