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If you have a common repair to report, you can do so by accessing our contact details here or by accessing our online repairs reporting system here.

Owners should only use the emergency contractors where the repair is serious common issue that is affecting the structure of the building or compromising the wind and water tight status. Currently we do not do repairs inside your property but we are looking into offering a limited Repairs service to owners for an additional cost some time in the future.

Routine Repairs attended to daily to protect the close and the properties belonging to the tenement from damage for example door entry systems, close doors, minor or emergency roof leaks. These have been reported by customers or through inspections by our staff and contractors have agreed timescales to carry out and complete the work.

Cyclical Repairs are carried out over a fixed period for example every 12 months to protect the property from deteriorating through disrepair. Examples of these repairs include gutter cleaning, close painting, and back court maintenance. These contracts are tendered out to obtain the most competitive prices and their progress monitored by Association staff.

Major Works involve the renewal of key components of the common area which are reaching or have reached the end of its useful lives and are showing signs of failure for example stonework and roofs. The Association plans these pieces of work often based on the history of day to day repairs required. Planning these items allows replacement to happen before complete failure which may result in more damage and expense as renewal will be required immediately.

Owners will be consulted on large pieces of planned works and in most cases a close meeting will be held to explain and seek owners approval for the tender process, tender costs, the appointment of contractor, the duration of work and inform them of their share of the proposed works. Where possible, the Association will assist owners in accessing grants to assist with the cost of the works.