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Commercial Properties currently form almost a quarter of the factored properties managed by the Association.

Just like residential owners, owners of commercial properties have shared responsibilities for the upkeep, maintenance and the management of the common parts of the building although it is accepted that the maintenance of the common close is not usually included unless the commercial property has access within the close. However, items like the roof, foundations, gutters and downpipes and other key elements of the building are everyone’s responsibility including commercials.

The particular difficulty for owners of commercial premises is that even if the shop is not trading, the owner is still responsible along with the other owners in the block to pay their share of the common charges.


If you own a flat in one of the blocks that the Association manages and factors then you will automatically be included in the Association’s Factoring Service. This service provides a repairs and maintenance service to the common areas of the block for example door entry faults, broken landing windows and so on where the Association has been invoiced and has paid the contractors on the owners behalf.


As houses do not have common parts such as door entry doors or close and stairs shared with others, the Association offers a limited service to them. Owners of houses are able to take advantage of the competitive buildings and contents insurance offered by the Association.