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The Association has a defined complaints handling process. The document can be accessed here.

2020 – 2021During the 2020/21 reporting year Parkhead Housing Association received 25 complaints across spread across 13 individual cases. 100% of the cases were responded to within the defined SPSO timescales with 3 complaints upheld. There were no equalities issues during the period. The response rate for the year was at an average of 5 working days for a full response. Where elements of complaints have been upheld these were all relating to either the speed of the Association’s response or where call backs were expected but didn’t necessarily happen. We will ensure that we put correct processes in place to ensure that we monitor customer contacts more closely in the future. A closer analysis of complaints across the year  there does not seem to be any specific patterns, themes or issues that have occurred regularly.

2021 – 2022 (Quarter 3)To the 31st December 2021 the Association has received 8 Stage one complaints and 5 stage 2 complaints. 82% of complaints had been responded to within SPSO timescales with 4 complaints being upheld.